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"Each year The Grantham Prize awards the world's largest cash journalism prize for exceptional environmental reporting as well as several Grantham Award of Special Merit prizes. In this video, Grantham Award of Special Merit winner and author Paul Greenberg describes how his winning book chronicles the state of salmon, cod, sea bass, and tuna and offers suggestions for how we can maintain commercial fish supplies while restoring wild runs."
"Portland's Stewart Holbrook (1893-1964) became a leading American journalist and historian by writing what he called "lowbrow" or "non-stuffed shirt history." His writings, sense of humor and social criticism also made him a sort of combination of Will Rogers, Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken for Portland and the Pacific Northwest. " "The "oregon" was the famed river of the West...but when it was finally seen by white men, in 1792, it was named for the Columbia, first ship to come in over the bar, commanded by Captain Robert Gray."
"Alaska – vast, yet vulnerable – is the roiling stage for an immense book that confronts the biggest question we’ll ever face: Do we humans have it in us to square with nature before it’s too late? In an extraordinary swirl of ecology, psychology, history, searing reportage, and unabashed love for his own species despite all the pain we’ve wreaked, Charles Wohlforth leaves us chastened but hopeful that just maybe we can."
Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us
"The Gulf Stream is a blend of science and history that tells the story of one of the world's most powerful natural forces which heavily influenced the exploration and development of the New World. It is packed full of details about the oceans and the people who explored the seas over the past 500 years, helping readers understand the connections between natural and human ecologies."
-Todd Miller, executive director, North Carolina Coastal Federation
"As Carl Safina's compelling natural history adventure makes clear, the fate of the leatherback turtle is in our hands. The distressing decline of these ancient sea turtles in Pacific waters and their surprising recovery in the Atlantic illuminate the results--both positive and negative--of our interventions and the lessons that can be applied, globally, to restore the oceans and their creatures. "
"Tom Wolfe is the author of more than a dozen books, among them such contemporary classics as The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Right Stuff, The Bonfire of the Vanities, and A Man in Full. Wolfe works his sardonic mojo to mock both prejudice and decadence and demolish the art world, reality TV, tawdry fame, and journalism in the digital age. tale of a volatile, divisive, sun-seared city where "everybody hates everybody."
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"Edna O'Brien's family encouraged her to attend pharmacy school, but she left before finishing to marry an older writer, give birth to two sons, and publish, in 1960, her first novel. The Country Girls so scandalized the O'Briens' local parish that the book was burned by the priest, her family disgraced. COUNTRY GIRL comes twenty-one books later, a rich and heady accounting of the events, people, emotions, and landscape that imprint upon and enliven one lifetime."Interview: ideo/2012/dec/07/edna-obrien-autobiography-country-g irl-interview-video
"On February 14, 1989, Valentine's Day, Salman Rushdie was telephoned by a BBC journalist and told that he had been "sentenced to death" by the Ayatollah Khomeini. For the first time he heard the word fatwa. His crime? To have written a novel called The Satanic Verses, which was accused of being "against Islam, the Prophet and the Quran." "This memoir is always totally honest and never less than gripping... The author discusses his education, family, relationships and his behaviour during those incredibly stressful years with immense openness."You will find a signed copy at BOOKPLATE. .Http:// -how-rushdie-survived-a-fatwa
"From the #1 bestselling author of Fiasco and The Gamble, an epic history of the decline of American military leadership from World War II to Iraq...In The Generals we meet great leaders and suspect ones, generals who rose to the occasion and those who failed themselves and their soldiers." ing-generals-to-fight-better-wars
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