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Doug Rae Presents “One lethal cake” at Bookplate
December 9, 2011 By Simon Kelly 2 Comments
Doug Rae, baking wunderkind-in-chief of High Street’s Against the Grain, recently provided the decadent “Chocolate Trifecta Cake” for the Idiots Books (i.e. Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr) reading of “Build Your Own President; 2012” at Bookplate last Friday. Below,

Chocolate Trifecta Cake
Doug reflects on how his craft has strengthened friendships within the local business community.

“I met Matt and Robbi a little over a year during the process of getting the shop open,” said Doug, “It was at first a casual acquaintance which gradually grew in depth over that year. After a short period of time, we were channeling day old sun buns and other goodies up into their barn for both their enjoyment and their feedback. We would also send over new test products to get their opinion, which they would kindly promote by discussing it on their blog.”

The relationship between Idiots Books and Against the Grain would seem to be even more symbiotic given the close proximity of their two buildings on Queen Street. “We eventually became so friendly as to go over for dinner, said Doug. “As well as have them at bakery events. They are so bright as well as humorous and easy going. It’s been a very relaxed relationship that can only come from literally living right next to each other as well as working.”

Now, it would appear that Against the Grain has become the default source of specialty-baked goods for special events hosted by local businesses. Ever the prudent self promoter, Doug started shopping his cakes around not long after Against the Grain’s opening last year, sewing the seeds of many happy returns, including events at Scotty’s Shoes, personal and workplace related birthday celebrations, and of course, Bookplate. “Tom from Bookplate came to me for the cake,” said Doug. “I gladly agreed to provide as extravagant a cake as I could for the same price he has paid in previous years. I felt the cake was a culmination of the relationship Matt, Robbi and I have been growing over the year. And it was deeply rewarding for me to take part.”